Tun Shwe Wah Balm No 1 Herbal Pain Relief Balm of Burma

Tun Shwe Wah Balm is warmest and a comforting therapy that is handiest for relieving muscular aches and pains.

Tun Shwe Wah Balm is not an Ordinary Balm, it is the most effective balm natural balm

Famous Burmese Tun Shwe Wah balm includes better than 100 utterly totally different elements of medicinal vegetation native to the mountain forests of Burma

It has a warming impression. It is used to alleviate ache, swelling and irritation inside the joints, ache discount for lumbago, sciatica, and gout.

Is used to alleviate the ache of accidents (bumps, sprains, strains, and so forth), is used to warmth up muscle teams sooner than the practice.

Application Method of Tun Shwe Wah Balm:

2-3 occasions a day apply to a clear floor and therapeutic massage till utterly absorbed.

Application of Tun Shwe Wah Balm

Back Pain,
Muscle Pain,
Shoulder Pain,
Neck Sprain
Useful throughout Cough-Cold
Beneficial in Arthritis
Joint Pain
Knee Pain

Accelerates the resumption of hematomas.

The balm shortly relieves irritation after insect bites. Used for inhalation, rubbing the chest and once more for colds and cough.

Tiger balm is broadly used for grinding extremities with numbness and paralysis.

Contraindications: Hypersensitivity, idiosyncrasy.

Tun She Wah Balm should not be utilized to broken pores and cut skin and wounds.

Avoid contact with eyes and mucous membranes. For exterior use solely.

Mum Balm

Tun Shwe Wah Balm

Let love be a real Balm Tun Shwe Wah Balm waxing

Tun Shwe Wah Balm


TUN SHWE WAH Balm for therapy of muscle aches and sprains and for therapy and symptomatic aid of blocked nostril, headache, giddiness and nausea.

Tun Shwe Wah Balm No 1 Herbal Pain Relief Balm of Burma 3

The product accommodates no dangerous chemical compounds and animal oils, so it may be used safely, no matter gender.

*WARNING ⚠️- for exterior use solely and to not be taken orally?


The “Tun Shwe Wah Balm” lotion is formulated with very highly effective conventional herbs, so the ache will likely be relieved if recurrently utilized.

Diseases brought on by numerous sclerosis; Slap on the shoulder Swelling of the knees, Pain Swollen knees; Aching Stroke Cholera

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Balms are basically preferred in Eastern world, where as the western world preferred, now days the trend has changed and people are moving towards herbal Balm.

Different sorts of bronchial asthma Headache Fuck! Zacchaeus Inflammation Rheumatic fever Joint ache.

For those that undergo from eczema, apply sunflower oil ointment three to four occasions a day for 30 minutes by gently rubbing ache within the pores and skin and relieving ache within the pores and skin.

Nasal spray Nausea Dizzy.

If you will have a headache, rub the medication within the palm of your hand and it'll heal.

Baked candy potato oil in fan oil White camphor oil Eucalyptus oil Paraffin and on-the-go skincare properties.

Will make Pain therapy and remedy one another.

And can relieve nerve ache, squeezing or utilizing mosquito bites or insect bites.

How to make use of.

This drug might be taken as a drug for about 1 km. Dissolve tea or sharp water.


Apply a thinning lotion to the affected space of ​​the pores and skin. It is just not harmful to use it often.

It will likely be more practical whether it is utilized to the clothes after it's utilized.

This is a robust, anti-inflammatory, anti-bacterial anti-bacterial anti-inflammatory anti-bacterial.

It is a robust treatment that ought to all the time be used for squats and athletes because it strengthens the joints in addition to relieves them.

Do not apply to insect bites.

Origin Shwe Shwe Wa Traditional Balm

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Tun Shwe Wah Balm is a herbal balm with a very strong essence, it gives desired warmth required to get relief at the desired area.

It should not be confused with any ordinary Balm